Steven D. Elliott - Stiff Drink at Home

Steven D. Elliott - Stiff Drink at Home - student project

Hey Justin All,

I'm not exactly new to photography and a lot of what was mentioned here on this class, I've learned already but I just really enjoy the way that Justin teaches. His nuanced tips on how to perfect the photos really puts photography in a less intimidating way. 

A graphic designer by trade, my passion is in menswear/mens style/ lifestyle. I run an online magazine around menswear and men's lifestyle topics. I'm constantly trying to photograph unique content and have developed a great love to photography. Whether is product photography, subjects, or even posing in front of the camera, I started with using Av Mode to now I'm only shooting in manual and even adopting Off-Camera Flash into my pictures (Justin's other classes have helped)

This is just a small collection of images I've taken over the last few months. Some with natural light, some with other sources. Would love to hear feedback from anyone.

What were the lighting conditions on your shoot?
Had a small window that I get light from about 2 feets away, I only about 3 hrs of sun through it because of the angle of my apartment and the building around it (Ha, this is a learned thing)
How did that affect your photo?
Gotta shoot after 1pm if it's in the kitchen. also I use a white piece of foamcore to bounce light when needed later in the time period as a fill light.
Did you have to compromise on any shutter speed, aperture, or ISO settings to ensure balanced exposure? Shooting indoors in bright day, I can get away with 400-800 iso, but that on cloudless days.
Do you prefer a particular priority mode over manual?
Manual with everything. It been a real pleasure being able to adjust when you want to underexpose and overexpose. Still need to learn the nuances of doing those things purposefully.


I frequently craft cocktails at my house and find it fun to create images while at home using what I have in the little space I have. Luckily I have a nice white granite countertop that works with the cocktails and ingredients I use. Also helps with lighting.

Making these little ingredient worlds is fun, challenging and slowly but surely, perfecting the process on how to get a good image.

Comments appreciated!

Designer from NYC