Startup content worksheet

Startup content worksheet - student project

Startup Content Worksheet


#1. Descriptive Content

Write a one-sentence description that tells your future customers about your business or product in a way that brings value to their lives. (Ex: TrepRep turns your passion, expertise, and years of hard work into content that connects with your customers.)

LOCAL is your one stop shop for Indian origin fast fashion clothing, from business casual to athleisure, we do it all.


#2. Website Content

Create a call to action for your website’s homepage. (Ex: Get your free copy of Knock Your Customers’ Socks Off with Your Blog: Ultimate Blogging Guide by signing up for our weekly newsletter here!)

Get your 10% membership discount using code NEW10 by creating an account here!


#3. Blog Content

Create your first three blog topics. (Ex: Connecting Entrepreneurs with Their Audience: Why I Launched TrepRep, 10 Reasons Freelance Writers Fail to Help Entrepreneurs Build Their Brand, 8 Ways to Use Content Marketing to Increase Sales in Your Business Today!)

  • Why we started LOCAL
  • Ten reasons most Indian clothing brands fail to succeed?
  • Seven ways to look fashionable this summer!!

#4. Email & Newsletter Content

For your newsletter, choose your audience, set your goal, pick your frequency, and what type of content you will feature in each newsletter. (Ex: Blog subscribers, grow blog views 10% a month, once a month, blog posts and YouTube videos)

Audience: 18 to 26-year-old millennial women and men.

Goal: Grow blog views 15% each month

Frequency: Once a week

Type of Content: Blog posts.


#5. Social Content

Choose your target market for your social media content. Based on that target market, choose the main platform you will focus on building an audience.

Target Market: Millenial women and men

Platform Focus: Instagram and Pinterest.