Stapler and waterbottle

Stapler and waterbottle - student project

August 4th, 2015

Fun in the office

This looked like a fun project to get out of my creative style rut, and I decided to make my lunch break more exciting by taking up this project. 

The first line drawing self-portrait was tricky because I don't have a mirror in my office. However, with a little help from my iMac, I used Photobooth to create my own onscreen mirror. Printer paper and a Sharpie and I was good to go!

I also took a stab at drawing my screensaver; a photo of my little boy Elliot. He looks cute on the photo, but rather demonic in my line drawing!

Next, the large stick drawing! Now where am I going to get a large stick? Closest next best, an umbrella! Just taped my Sharpie to the end and a few strange looks from my colleagues, and voila!

I drew my waterbottle and my telephone.