Squirrel, and a horse, and a reindeer!

Squirrel, and a horse, and a reindeer! - student project

When I saw this class I never thought I could do something like this. But this is my first try and I absolutely love it!! Autumn is around the corner and therefore I chose the squirrel. Something about the colours in autumn pulls me back to water colours. 

The paint is still wet, as you can see in my photo but I am so proud I already wanted to share it with you.

Thank you so much for this great course!

Added 19.09.2019 Horse 1st try:

I had some difficulties with the proportions so I really wanted to try again. this is my second try:

I used the same colors but had some difficulties with taking the photo. Still it is clear the proportions look much better here.


I am sooooo proud of how this one turned out: really love it. Love the sparkles, love the feeling. Its just really nice.  

I am not really in a spring mood (it is getting really cold here). So I'll leave the Lama be for now and I am going to try some other animals. Once again, thank you so much for the inspiration!


Lots of love,