Spring Revival

Spring Revival - student project

I am really glad I felt pushed to finally start and complete a collection. I've been focusing on illustration and a little bit of pattern work for over a year and finally believe my style has been massaged and I am thrilled to submit this project here! I learned some new tricks from Bonnie with Adobe Illustrator and have even found myself sketching more and more in my sketch book. THANK YOU!

My images depict the assignment, but I'll also write it here for you:

Pattern Collection Name: Spring Revival

Story Behind Collection: Don’t you just love it when the flowers bloom after a long, cold winter? There is something about the sunsets, the new animal life, the colorful flowers, and the smell. Yes, that smell of spring rain and everything awakening after a long sleep. I created Spring Revival because the newness of the season gives life to nature, promising new beginnings.

Pattern Names: Bloom, Wildflower, Thriving, Busy Bee, Sweet, and Thistle.

I developed a logo for my collection as well as spot graphics to use on misc. products like artwork. My designs can be seen represented in the mockups below. Finally, an alternate color way was developed and named. 

Portfolio: Feel free to view the lookbook I developed for this collection here:


Thanks for checking it out and letting me enter your awesome contest! :)

Illustrator & Graphic Artist