Spelunking - student project

New to painting and abstract work and just new to anything analogue this class really freed me to try so many things! Normally chained to my desk using nodes and pixels, this was just so much fun. 






I cut my paper down to 9" x 9" before starting so I can pop these into some inexpensive IKEA frames. I'll post photos when that happens.



· Watercolour (including metallic silver)

· Yellow ochre oil pastel

· Cyan soft pastel

· White gouache

· Black Indian ink

· Black gel pen


I was so apprehensive to jump into this project so I started with some practice thumbnails first, which helped a lot.



Using the washi tape under the masking tape worked brilliantly at giving these a super clean edge without tearing the paper. And that spray varnish works so good! Thanks for all the tips and the inspiration, Peggy. Love your work.