Space Pirates Ahoy!!

Space Pirates Ahoy!! - student project


I'm hoping to learn a lot from this class and be involved in the development of lots of cool little personalities with you all.

My goal in this class is as follows:

- To actually finish an illustration! (I'm very bad at finishing stuff off)

- To learn a workflow that I can adapt to suit my needs

- To end up with a character illustration that I hope will inspire further development


I've chosen 'Space Pirates' a slight twist on the suggested Pirate theme, to give myself a broader source of inspiration and challenge myself to be creative.


Here is my Pinterest Board - I'm trying to keep it broad so I find some unexpected inspiration. I'm looking for costume ideas, accessories, a sense of atmosphere as well as drawing styles to inform my own design.


Here are a few sketches to get started. I really like the idea of the early space missions where animals were sent up in spacecraft as an inspiration. I might run with this as a theme and play with the imagery of the clothing and equipment from the period.

Would love your feedback!III

Space Pirates Ahoy!! - image 1 - student project

Space Pirates Ahoy!! - image 2 - student projectSpace Pirates Ahoy!! - image 3 - student project

Since I had a few nice comments about the space piggy idea, I thought I'd run with it. Here are a couple more sketches in that vein. I should really be sketching a lot more roughly, but hey.

Please let me know what you think, I'm happy to hear some constructive criticism!

Space Pirates Ahoy!! - image 4 - student project

Space Pirates Ahoy!! - image 5 - student project

Here are my shapes for one of the pigs. Ive never tried this workflow before - is there anything I should be doing different ? more detail within the shapes perhaps, or is this enough to go on to the next stage?

Space Pirates Ahoy!! - image 6 - student projectOk here is my first crack at painting the layered shapes for my pig (excuse the fact that he's not really a space pig). I'm far from happy with how it's turned out, I don't feel he is really alive ... He is too flat.

I wanted to put up my progress here anyway so I can get some FEEDBACK!! What should I be doing differently to improve it? Be as brutal as you like! Thanks for taking a look!

Space Pirates Ahoy!! - image 7 - student project

Ok so I'm done with the first colouring test, and now I'm looking for the right feel for another pig pirate image. Here are just a couple of sketches I've done to get a sense of design style and the character's attitude. Feedback appreciated!!

Space Pirates Ahoy!! - image 8 - student project

Space Pirates Ahoy!! - image 9 - student project

Space Pirates Ahoy!! - image 10 - student project

Space Pirates Ahoy!! - image 11 - student project

I'm going to attempt a painting of one of my early pig characters, and here are the shapes. I will try to add a simple graphical background once I've painted him.

Space Pirates Ahoy!! - image 12 - student project

Here is my final illustration, firstly the final painted image, then one with a few filters added. I'm still very much open to feedback so fire away! 

Space Pirates Ahoy!! - image 13 - student project

Space Pirates Ahoy!! - image 14 - student project