Sova's Elevator Pitch

Sova's Elevator Pitch - student project

I started thinking about my business 10 months ago (in Faye's classes). During this time I have finished some orders, I have some sales (jewelry, T-shirts, buttons, prints and comissions). I have gathered some followers here on Skillshare and on Instagram. I am working on a comic book (and I already have a publisher:). I have a Society6 shop with prints. I would like to write my elevator pitch about all my activites as an artist and illustrator because that's what people usually ask me about (my brand is just too small at the moment:).

I try to focus on Instagram and Pinterest (because they are visual) and on my Tumblr blog (because there's a community of artists). I kind of neglect my official facebook account, I mostly post just from my personal account. My target audience should be creative people and creative parents, beginner artists and people who enjoy fantasy books and movies (more).

My goal for the next year is opening my own Tictail shop because I would like to connect with my customers directly and offer there some jewelry and original paintings. I would also like to update my portfolio on and my blog and I'm considering where would be the best place to put my graphic works (mostly posters, wedding stationery and invitations with my own illustrations) and I wonder if I should mix them with my other works on my Instagram account.

Thank you so much for this great class, Faye! I have found it very useful, especially the competitors research and financial predictions, and I think that having the elevator pitch will be convenient too:)


illustrator, artist and creative