Something I love to Draw

Something I love to Draw - student project

I started out with some loose sketching on drawing paper to get familiar with the subject. Taking time to more closely sketch the tricky areas.

Then I switched to Arches 300 lb. Cold Press watercolor block and re-sketched it, because I knew I wanted to finish the piece in watercolor. I took this opportunity to correct some of the things that were a bit off from my initial drawing. Looking back on my decision to switch to 300 lb. paper, I think I would have preferred to use 140 lb. because there is a significant tooth to the heavier paper which I feel it a bit too much for a delicate subject like this bird.

Once I was happy with the drawing, I used a black 0.3 Micron pen to add fine details to the bird and erased the  pencil lines.

To complete the piece, I colored the image with watercolor, using a number 2 da Vinci sable brush. While mixing colors to match my reference photo, I was surprised that the bright "red" chest of the robin is really much closer to a burnt sienna with a little orange mixed in, this is another example of using observation over what my brain thought, regarding the color.

I deliberated for quite a while about what subject to choose for "something I never draw". A car is definitely something I never choose to draw! lol, shoes would be another example, and shoes are really hard! I think I am going to do a person, but I haven't had and spare time the last few days. I will update my project when I have more to share. As always, I enjoyed the class and appreciate the inspiration and motivation from seeing other people's artwork. :)

Watercolor Artist