Sociology 3705 - First Rewrite (2013-08-09)

Sociology 3705 - First Rewrite (2013-08-09) - student project

First draft (Google Drive - Adobe Acrobat PDF 9.78 KB)

First rewrite (Google Drive - Adobe Acrobat PDF 10.3 KB)

Second rewrite (Google Drive - Adobe Acrobat PDF 10.3 KB)

Here is the character list (or rather, Celtx Catalog). I whittled the original character list down to 8 students.

College Classroom, Location, a medium-sized classroom at a college or university with a whiteboard on one side and a door away from the whiteboard

Amy, Character, a confident, by-the-book student
Chloe, Character, a shy and slightly nervous student
Clyde, Character, another student
Grace, Character, a beauty queen
Josh, Character, an overachiever
Liam, Character, a jock
Luke, Character, a competitive student
Professor, Character, a smartly-dressed older man reminiscent of Anthony Hopkins
Tony, Character, a know-it-all

Desks x8, Set Dressing, simple desks and chairs at a college or university classroom
Podium, Set Dressing, a simple, wooden standing podium with 3 solid walls and a slanted top and shelf facing towards the speaker

Business Jacket, Wardrobe, a smart-looking business jacket
Wristwatch, Wardrobe, a simple man's wristwatch

Attache Case, Props, a simple business attache case
Dry-erase Marker, Props, a simple dry-erase marker for whiteboards
Notebook, Props, a simple notebook containing the class roll

Carving Knife #1, Weapons, a plain kitchen carving knife
Carving Knife #2, Weapons, a plain kitchen carving knife
Corkscrew, Weapons, a simple corkscrew with a handle and screw
Pistol #1, Weapons, a simple automatic pistol
Pistol #2, Weapons, a simple pistol

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