Socially Responsible Photography. Tahiti images

Socially Responsible Photography. Tahiti images - student project

I will begin by saying that this class was quite thought provoking. I am an old, white, professional, retired, heterosexual male; literally the peak of the the privilege iceberg. Of course, this is not my fault as I had no choice in my genetic makeup but I do understand this made my journey from literally digging ditches to a director in a billion dollar organization over the course of 50 years smoother than if I had been non-white.

In the course of my work in the maritime industry I have traveled to 35 countries around the world and would always try to squeeze at least a few hours per trip to photograph where I was working.  These photos are rooted in my curiosity about different places, architecture, cultures and people. I truly want to learn about local culture and history, however given the definitions you presented at least some of these images may be considered exploitive in that they are taken from the WASP point of view.  In reality, that is the only POV available to me as each person's POV is focused by the lens of their experiences.

Several years ago I had to go to Tahiti for a vessel with engineering and crew problems.  Over the course of a week I had one day to travel around the island and photograph to capture for myself the feeling of the island, natural beauty and people who are curious and accepting of foreigners in spite of the past history and influx of tourists.

Above: "Two sisters, best friends". These little girls followed two of us while we walked through a botanical garden. They were playing and trying to explain various plants and fruit that we saw along the path.


Below: "Fish vendor, Papeete market". This woman was day-dreaming while waiting for customers.

Below: "Fisherman with cigarette". I saw this man fishing every morning on the beach near our hotel. He would cast his net for a half hour and then move to a new location.

Below: "Man and daughter, Papeete market". This young man and his young daughter were working at a stall in the main market.

Below: "Beach house and clouds". A shot of a home near the water.


Below: "Blue lagoon". And finally a shot of a beautiful lagoon.