Social Media Branding for Chasing The Puck

Social Media Branding for Chasing The Puck - student project

Here I've included screenshots of the social media accounts for the website I own, titled Chasing The Puck. I've included not only the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and also the main website, which looks different but I wanted to include it to show what we have done to tie them all together. 


The Facebook account was the first part of the whole thing to be set up. We have given it the appropriate branding and like the website it includes the logo and other social media outlets to drive traffic to other platforms. I do however wish Facebook would allow you to see the about section but sadly, that is in a separate tab. 



As you can see from the header image and profile picture, we have stayed cohesive with the Facebook page and continued the running theme. The bio here clearly displays our purpose and also our ties to other brands. We also display the fact we are a British brand, which distinguishes us from a lot of US hockey blogs. Our website link is clearly displayed here to in order to encourage click-throughs to the website. 


This is probably out least used social media outlet due to the restrictions in terms of including links to articles. It's very basic in the sense that it doesn't have a header image and that's a limitation in my mind, however we try our best to use this platform in order to push our community business goals of sharing pictures of our fans in our merchandise and showcasing photographers from around the world of UK Ice Hockey. We have had a massive influx of followers here but it's considerably less than we have on our other platforms. Although we are trying to boost this as much as we can in order to open up the features that are accessible once you reach a certain number of followers. This is a long term goal for us as we know it's going to take time and dedication to the platform to gain that sort of engagement. 

Self-taught everything.