Soap Packaging

Soap Packaging - student project

Since I'm a pattern designer, I decided that I wanted to do illustrated patterns for three bar soaps. I came up with a faux company, created a logo, and gave myself a false creative brief for a collection of three vegan soaps.

I used Pinterest to help me visualize the style for each of the soaps: Earthy, Floral & Tropical. This primarily helped me develop color schemes, but I also realized that I could already visualize the patterns I wanted to create, so I made very rough mockups of those inside my notes.

I used Procreate to draw all the elements of each pattern, then imported them as PSD into Illustrator to vectorize and turn into repeats.

I then used InDesign to build the fronts of the soap wrappers with the logo and soap info.

Then, just to be thorough, I created an image for a final client presentation. I couldn't locate a suitable soap bar mockup for free, so I just used Photoshop to add drop shadows to fake it.

I had a lot of fun with this project as a gateway to packaging design.


Designer and Illustrator