SnowSugar Video - 1min iPhone Story Video - Business Plan 2017

SnowSugar Video - 1min iPhone Story Video - Business Plan 2017  - student project

Thanks Faya for great class! So simple and organized and detailed. I love that ! I am from Japan originally you know how Japanese love cleanness. Anyway, I just started work on 60 seconds Elevetor Pitch and Executive Summary. I will update here when I finished. 

: : 60 seconds Elevator Pitch : :

What is SnowSugar?

SnowSugar Video is an online iPhone story video community that provides iphone video making skills and recourse and deliver inspirational, motivational videos to your life.

We educate community members how to create your story video and filming skills to help local creators and business for worldwide branding. We provide affordable iPhone video productions and high engagement promotion from our members.

SnowSugar Video's small goal is to create an app provides easy template story video making for anyone who wants to create a story video within a few hours.

SnowSugar Video's Big goal to increase happy feeling people rates to the world with iPhone Story Video by real people to inspire and make them happier. 

We may use shorter version for my Patreon page too. 

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