Snippets of Scotland - pages / journal cards

Snippets of Scotland - pages / journal cards - student project

Since I'm actually in prep mode for a future trip and would prefer to use your suggestions and ideas for that journal, I'll include here some images from a past journal that actually hasn't been entirely assembled. 

Below is an image I created before my last trip, as I was doing research for a voyage to the Isle of Iona in Scotland.   I used pen and watercolor pencil primarily to create this page in a pre-trip musing journal. 

Snippets of Scotland - pages / journal cards - image 1 - student project

While I was travelling in the Inner Hebrides in 2016, I was too taken up with being there and experiencing the journey, so it was hard to create any art in my journal.  Instead I just wrote/scribbled notes to record my days.  

But, when I came home, I was mostly inspired to create a series of journal cards that were the start (still unfinished) of a Illuminated Letter Alphabet series of Scotland.  i was inspired to incorporate more of the Celtic knotwork I love drawing so much into these.   (I teach a series of Celtic knotwork classes here for beginners).  

Below are a couple of those cards.  They are mostly done in pen, watercolor pencils and some watercolor paint, and were painted after the trip, sometimes using photos or memories for inspiration. 

A is for Alba  (Scots Gaelic for Scotland)

Snippets of Scotland - pages / journal cards - image 2 - student project

C is for Camusdarach Beach  - a gorgeous beach on the west coast that faces the "Small Isles" of Eigg and Rum

Snippets of Scotland - pages / journal cards - image 3 - student project

T is for Tobermory - one of the most picturesque towns I visited on the Isle of Mull.  Featuring Tobermory Cat - a legendary cat or series of cats in the town.  Look it up! 

Snippets of Scotland - pages / journal cards - image 4 - student project

R is for Raasay - an oft overlooked island between the Isle of Skye and the mainland.  We were invited on a meditative hike there and the trees in this image below were from a photo I took that still haunts me, as well as the stones on a very spirit filled beach.  

Snippets of Scotland - pages / journal cards - image 5 - student project

So that's my contribution for now, and I'll add to it in a few months when I return from my next trip (also to Scotland and England), with more photos and collage work (and of course Celtic Knotwork!).  

Thanks for a fabulous class!



Sadelle Wiltshire

Meditative Art, Celtic Art, Line Art