Smart Object Pattern Maker

Smart Object Pattern Maker - student project

This action assume the repeat layer is named "repeat"  and is a smart object, and the area I want to repeat is 1000 pixels by 1000 pixels.

Maybe if I learn more about actions (or scripts), I could make the repeat layer (and name it anything I like, do one duplicate and offset to the top left corner (using whatever values look good for my particular repeat, and then the action would continue duplicating and changing the offset values depending on the offset values of the first duplcate.  Anyway, am hoping this action will speed up my workflow.


(Actually, I was hoping that the offset units would show in percents after I changed my units to percents, but it showed as pixels, so that is the reason I am tied to a 1000 pixel b 1000 pixel repeat.)


Thank you for this useful class.



After posting this I found I was able to get rid of the layer restricted to be named "repeat", by replacing the first step of the action with Option Period so it will assume the top layer is the repeat layer.