Sleepy Turkey

Sleepy Turkey - student project


First: Loved your course! Inspires me to start thinking outside of the box. Re-discovered my love for editorial illustration!

Day 1: I've been contacted by the art directors of a famous magazine and i will be rewarded with so much money i've never seen before (wishfull thinking i guess) 

I will need to cover the article about tryptophan in turkey. The words I will use to inspire me are the following:

Day 2: my sketches... Which one do you prefer? Or any tips?

Day 3: Finalized product

New sketch after the feedback from my art director(s)... 

Finale piece. I am quite happy with how it turned out. But I wanted it to be an illustration with the thanksgiving colors (christmas) and a old fashioned way.. I think if i had more time it would be a much stronger illustration but you have to decide very quick so there was not much time to wonder about it too much. Maybe it is a saver for me because i'm very good at overthinking illustrations :-). 

Would you read the article? or just stare at the cute illustration? :-) 

Thanks for the inspiring course, Ed!

Illustrations and smiles