Skull-side Campsite

Skull-side Campsite - student project

I realized belatedly that I skipped a number of steps for the initial concept notes since I started with an image already in mind. I’ve always loved the idea of megafauna and seeing traces of them left behind to help form a landscape.

After finding a photo of a fossilized skull I liked as a reference I got my initial sketch.

From there came inking, and the tonal planes. I've never really used tonal planes before so this was an interesting step for me and I certainly think I'll try to add it to my process in future projects. 

Next was blocking out shadows and highlights. I was trying to give it a moonlit feeling.

And finally, colors. I found a palette I liked from and went on from there.

I've never been very good with concept art, specifically landscapes so this was a very informative class for me, and I'm quite pleased with the result. I look forward to utilizing what I've learned in the future.