Simply Lavish Skirt

Simply Lavish Skirt - student project

Hi, I'm Bärbel from Stockholm, Sweden. I'm a pattern designer and illiustration artist - and now a sewist too! I loved this class and I've wanted to make this type of skirt for a while too, and now was the perfect time to get started on this.

So for the skirt I used my own fabric, a cotton, quite light, with a pattern design I call Simply Lavish. It's a floral pattern made from water color doodles and paintings I did.

I also wanted to add pockets to this skirt, and for this I used a pair of shorts as a template to cut out the pieces for the pockets. For the pockets I used another fabric of mine, printed at Spoonflower with my pattern design Corset Stitch Pacific.

And here is the result:





















Now I need a new project... 

If you want to see more images from the process you can check out this blog post about how I made this skirt.

Thanks for a great class, Allie! And I'm looking forward to a new one, soon I hope :-)

Pattern designer & history nerd