Simplifying My Entryway & Closet

Simplifying My Entryway & Closet - student project

When Erin was talking about "trigger points" my mind immediately went to my entryway, and the amount of stuff I come home with (slash juggle/drop/constantly misplace) everyday. I had this tray storing pens previously, but figured out that a super simple habit shift would be to move it to my entry as a catch-all for random but important things like keys and chapstick. 

I carried the idea of habit shifts into my bedroom too. I feel like I'm constantly wanting to downsize/streamline my wardrobe, and love the idea of holding a clothing swap or giving away to a specific person instead of simply donating. I hung up a bag that I can pop things into the moment I decide "I don't want you anymore." Not quite as nice and minimal as Erin's home visually, but it does the trick!

Finally, I made a simple floral arrangement — it was a creative, calming activity that really made me feel at peace! Thank you again Erin for reminding me that simplicity and functionality can go hand in hand, and don't have to cost a lot!