Simple Layout Design Project

Simple Layout Design Project - student project

Hey Fellow Creatives!

Here is my class project for Practical Graphic Design.

Knolling is always fun to play around with because it gives a nice clean aesthetic. Here is my quick example:


Here is how I executed my hierarchy practice sheet in InDesign, Allowing the Title the stand out with all three forms of hierarchy mentioned in the class: Scale, Color and Style. The title really grabs your attentions and gives you a starting point to take in all the information.



Playing around with Typography I put space into the Word Space using Tracking to add to the feeling of the overall design. 



For my final Project I decided to create a layout with information on how to order a pizza! haha This really is an essential skill, however due to the access to the internet and mobile ordering these steps may need to be updated. ;)



Creating visual pleasing layouts is quite easy when you understand these fundamental design principles. Even with mundane information like "how to order a pizza" you can create an interesting and captivating design the will catch your viewers attention and easily guide them through the information.  

Thank you for checking out my project and the class!

I look forward to seeing how you will apply these principles in your own class project!

All the best, 


Graphic Designer and Illustrator

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