Silhouette illustration

Silhouette illustration - student project

Hi Sheila

Your Silhouette is extreme and outstanding.  Well, I have a Red ink at present. I use that for caligraphy writing. I just could not stop myself from using it for this project.

Image in making.

Image 1



Image 2

It is a fantastic project whereby I had sketched the Bear image, then watercolored it by wet on wet technique and mixing two colors. After the surface had dried I transformed the calligraphic quote " Make Yourself A Priority" through Chalk medium " White" instead of Red ink as that would have not looked nice on the Blue background. Then I scanned the image and loaded on Adobe photoshop color, effect detaiis and finally putting in the frame.

You have been truly amazing as your your class was great and so was your project notes. Thank you Sheila as you have been very helpful.


Cheers !!!


Graphic designer artist