Shelley's Project

Shelley's Project - student project

I really enjoyed this class! I find myself consuming a lot of productivity content, so it was nice to go back to the basics.


1. Bring Order to Your Spaces

I decided to tidy up and organize my desk in my home office. I work here on WFH days and also use this space for side projects and crafting, so it can get messy easily. I didn't get a before photo, but here's the after!



2. Reduce Distractions

It was helpful for me to think through the five different kinds of distractions and think of some action steps to work through my main three: phone, side projects, and email.




3. Write Everything Down

I love a good brain dump. This is already a practice I use to get my head clear, but the reminder to do it regularly is always helpful.


4. Prioritize What's Important

I really love the idea of not only prioritizing important tasks, but also prioritizing the things that will make doing work easier. I've been working on putting together a consistent morning routine, so this was a good exercise for me to lean into that.



5. Becoming Even More Productive

"Make it easy to start working on what's important and keep on working on it effectively." I love this!! I'm big on making situational, environmental, and contextual changes to help support behavioral change. It was super helpful for me to to go through the four questions and pose answers as "what if" questions. One of my biggest challenges to getting started on a task or a project is worrying that it won't be perfect. I want to work more on acknowledging my perfectionism without judgment and trusting that my coworkers are much more interested in my imperfect drafts than my procrastination. I'd love some tips for this if anyone has any!




Thanks Rich! I really appreciate the work you put in to make this course!