She Oms— beauty, business and being bendy

She Oms— beauty, business and being bendy - student project

In 2013 I left my corporate job in favor or a topsy turvy ride. I went from Marketing Manager to yoga teacher, freelance marketing strategist and part-time designer.

One of my core values is to inspire small business owners—especially in the yoga and wellness space—to contribute something beautiful to the world when they share their business with the world. Business owners have so much passion and the world wants to help them hear their story.

Naturally, health is another core value of mine. I'm a yoga teacher, vegetarian, aspiring vegan chef and endorphin addict. My career as a yoga teacher and passion for the holistic health space has really helped me relate to these business owners.

She Oms is my brand. It's the marriage of business and pleasure.

I'm currently working on a collaboration with a good friend and Ayurveda physician. I'm using the information from this course to design a landing page for our collaboration. This is where we stand right now.