Sharing Tall Thoughts (About GarthBox)

Sharing Tall Thoughts (About GarthBox) - student project

Tall thoughts:

- When I think of spending money when I shouldn't, I remind myself how much work it is to learn and use all the budgetary analtyical software to track income/expenses. So I don't spend irrationally, I don't wonder where my money has gone, i'm never unhappy with how much money I've saved each month because I promised myself if I ever get to those points that I will have to use some tracking software. Works for me, not sure if it will work for others.

- Recently made a list on evernote (after taking a class with Tiago about lists and productivity) of all my financial goals. It really puts things in perspective and it's fairly easy to figure out how much you have to earn/save to get where you want to be.

- The best way to figure out what you're really good at is to ask a previous client what they loved about you. It's awkward, but it works.

(About: I push businesses and provide their owners with the education and the art to get where they wanted to be when they first dreamed up their venture. I'm leading the avant-garde of public relations in a connection economy. I approach the task from a human perspective, one which respects, but dances with vulnerability and fear.)