Sewing / aspects I don't like about my job

Sewing / aspects I don't like about my job - student project

A new skillshare class with Mr Tom Froese - and this was also a lot of fun. My first topic for the first exercise is sewing, my beloved hobby.

The second aspect, inspired by Tom's worst job experience, is "things I don't like about my job" as a teacher. (shapes: scissors, needle, sewing machine, iron, ironing board)

This includes, for example, giving grades, having to collect and hoard material, sleeping students, endless and pointless conferences, corrections...

refined sketches:


Despite the less loved aspects, it was great fun to illustrate these. And I enjoy looking at them - which may also be due to the warm color palette...

Thanks for another great class, Tom Froese!

All my illustrations together:

Because I had so much fun with the first set of illustrations, I made a second one based on my hobby sewing: