Selling my own artwork

Selling my own artwork - student project

I want to sell my own artwork and have the buisness pay for itself and maybe a little extra :P


My goal is to do dark detailed illustrations in black and white, and have people purchase the original and then sell prints. Then later look into stickers and Tshirts.

Here's my fb in case you just want to follow me and the process:



Thank you so much for this class, it really has helped me a lot!

I get so overwhelmed and nervous when I think about selling my artwork and all the questions and doubts, how many prints? should I do stickers? should I do comercial things? should I stick to what I like? and then get nervous about what if I don't sell? into a never ending downward spiral.


But really thinking about the goals and action plan, then also what finantial goal I want really does break it down into bite size steps and helps you really focus and hone in step by step into everything. 

Once I had done the class, I realised that my goals are actually quite achievable and not so scary!