Self Portrait Exercise

Self Portrait Exercise - student project

Hey friends!

I chose the self portrait exercise for my student project because I've been wanting to capture a meaningful self portrait for quite some time. I've shot several self portraits of myself over the years, and some of them I love. But none of them are unbiased depictions of my face and personality. 

Having just turned 30 years old, I wanted to capture a realistic depiction of who I am at this point in my life. I envisioned a clear and well-lit headshot with me looking directly into the camera. Simple, but profound. A mix of laughing, and expressionless photos that focus on my eyes. 

I captured these photos in my bedroom as the light is quite nice, and I like the dark grey color of the back wall. I setup the camera on my tripod and used a mix of manual focus and direct manual focus modes to focus on my face, before using the self timer (5 seconds), to get back into position. I captured about 40 photos, and plenty were blurry, but these are some of my favorites from the session. 

Definitely think I achieved what I was going for here. The photos are up close and personal, which eliminates any distractions from the frame and allows you focus fully on my face, my expression, and my eyes. I think this is something I'd like to do annually from now on, would love to be able to look back on these when I am old!

I edited the photos using Adobe Lightroom, and used the tone curve to add some slight blue hues to the shadows area which made the grey wall appear slightly blue. This complimented my skin tone nicely, as well as my eyes. 

Overall, I love how these came out! Do you have a favorite? 



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