Season Filled with Sweetness

Season Filled with Sweetness - student project

Final Art

Here is the final artwork. I added some grungy textures to give it a vintage feel. Everything was done in Illustrator.



I used brush pens and fine liner to ink the artwork. Then vectorized it in Illustrator.


Finalizing the Sketch

Thank you everyone for the feedback! I finally finished the pencil sketch. I was pretty happy with it because I’ve figured out a way to keep the hot chocolate in the design, until…

my friend told me that the whipped cream on hot cocoa looks like poop lol. SoI replaced the whipped cream with some marshmallow guys.

I am gald that I made the change. I think the marshmallow made it even cuter .


Layout Thumbnails

After some warm-ups, I started designing the layout.

I am having a hard time picking just one layout. So I posted them on my Facebook and asked for feedback from fans and friends. It helps me to look at my design from a viewer’s perspective.

Warm-up Sketches


Here is my warmup sketchs. I picked the word “sweetness” for the exercise. Though I would  probably end up NOT using any of them for the final project. It is hard for me to just design one word before having the whole layout in mind.  Nonetheless it is a fun exercise.

I like the idea of the candy shape. But the word in my exercise is hard to read. I am going to try different shape of candy or make the stroke of the letters thicker.


Start the Project

The first step was to choose the quote or words to illustrate. I wanted to create a holiday card for my portfolio and Holiday self promo. I thought it will be fun to incorporate some hand lettered words.

First I picked the theme to illustrate, which is “Holiday sweet treats”, inspired by my MATS classmates’ assignment. Then I looked for wording/saying that fits this theme. Here is what I am going to draw.

“Wishing you a season filled with sweetness.”

Here is some of accociated words.

 Here is my Pinterest board inspiration.

Illustrator / Designer