Seal Mascot Cartoon Character

Seal Mascot Cartoon Character - student project

Hello, John!

Your course is really great and I agree with everything inside its content. But I don't know what's happening, as it's even more difficult to get a project there than before. Upwork is eager to charge everything and the clients seem to place projects only to have fun, as they don't pay attention to all the providers that apply to them...

I'm placing a real proposal here and would be so happy if you could take 5 minutes to comment on it. Thank you very much!

> The project: Seal Mascot Cartoon Character

- Research the client and project:

The client is from the UK. It's the third project they have posted, have spent $ 650 and have a 5-star review. Seems to be OK.

Here is my proposal:


I've written the text paying attention to the Proposal Checklist document:

- Use a professional tone and writing style

- Address the client's needs and goals

- Showcase your skills and relevant experience

- Use a clear and structured format

- Pay attention to spelling and grammar

- Personalize your proposal

- Include a clear call to action


Attached I sent my samples:

- Prove specific examples and results

I gathered some illustrations I believe are close to what the client desires.

- Follow up after submission

Well, the only way I can do this is if the client calls me for an interview. If they allow me to create my sample for them, then I can do something after. If they don't will be impossible.


That's it, John. I hope you have a moment to comment on my project here.

Thank you very much!