Sea Waves Ring

Sea Waves Ring - student project

So, first attempt at this yesterday...epic fail!  These are the bronze wire rings from the Simple Hammered Rings project.  The rings kept sliding off each other.  I tried propping up the bottom ring with a penny to keep it from wobbling.  That worked but the solder paste wouldn't flow and I used enough heat to melt the penny.  I threw the rings in the pickle to clean up and give me time to think about how to make this work.

Today was round two.  I filed the spots where I wanted the solder to make a flatter surface for the rings to connect.  I used a piece of brass under the bottom ring to stabilize it.  The solder flowed!  After cleaning in the pickle,  I filed, sanded and polished.  The bronze turns kind of pink in the pickle so I wanted to get that off as much as possible.  The hardest part was getting in between the rings with sandpaper and anything else.  Some of the texture got sanded off but I'm just happy the ring is together!