Sea Glass, Seashells & Shark's Teeth/Tropical Fruit

Sea Glass, Seashells & Shark's Teeth/Tropical Fruit - student project

Oh my gosh, Nic. Even for a simple little pattern (I was only experimenting, did not know what I was getting myself into!)... this took 2 hours to just figure out how to use Pixelmator. For some reason the app kept crashing on me. It certainly was quite the learning curve. I appreciate your classes sooo much! You've gotten me back into my watercolors, and I hope this week to do a few more of these patterns. This is really raw, but now I know what I need to do to make things more precise and a better composition. I ran into the problem with layer maximum and was a bit frustrated, so I may do my next piece on a lower resolution! Cheers! This was fun!

To God be the glory! Ponte Vedra, FL