Sceaux Scully Caps official launch at Roshana Gallery in Paris, France 30 Novemb

Sceaux Scully Caps official launch at Roshana Gallery in Paris, France 30 Novemb - student project

Giving new meaning to sustainable fashion Sceaux Scully's inaugural line of made in France cashmere caps is all you'll need this winter for protection from the elements simultaneously remaining elegant.

Paris, France –1 November 2023 – Sceaux Scully, Inspired by the past, designed for today’s sophistication and to last into the future. Dedicated to crafting creative and exclusive hats sustainably. Targeting women of fine or thinning hair the silk twill lining is there to protect, caresses, the hair and head of the client.

Sceaux Scully combines timeless French know-how and millinery expertise with hand picked designer end cuts setting itself apart as the next pinnacle of style and elegance in sustainable fashion. The brand's founder, Kathleen Scully, boasts an impressive resume in the world of luxury fashion, having worked with renowned fashion house Louis Vuitton, Tumi, Movado, Koos among others. She brings her creative vision and an unwavering commitment to quality to this new venture.

This inaugural limited collection of just 46 pieces features a curated range of meticulously handcrafted cashmere caps lined in silk twill that are the embodiment of understated modern elegance. Each piece is made from the finest materials found in France, and hand crafted by artisans in France and hand trimmed finished by our founder ensuring a personalized cap for each client.

Kathleen Scully emphasizes, "At Sceaux Scully, we don't just create hats; we create stories and conversations. We believe in making a statement with every piece we design. These hats are not mere accessories; they are a way to express one's creativity and individuality."

"It feels like it is caressing my head," said Hana Halper, a returning client, when she put one on and didn't want to take it off. The innovative Never Let Me Go Strap ensures that if you do want to take it off, it won't be lost. Just slip your hand into the loop or on a hook and it will always be by your side.

The much-anticipated launch of Sceaux Scully will take place in the heart of Paris, at Roshana Gallery 120 rue La Boétie 75008 Paris. Vernisssage 18:00 - 21:00 30 November 2023.

In addition to quality and elegance, Sceaux Scully is committed to environmental sustainability. The brand has a tight supply chain located largely in France from the designer end-cuts to production ensures quality and lessens environmental impact. In its production processes, ensure that the legacy of millinery know how for future generations and supports employment in France.

About our founder
Kathleen Scully is a New York native living in Sceaux, France. Bachelor of fine art from the Fashion Institute of Technology, and a Master of Industrial Design from Pratt Institute. With the blend of backgrounds, I have gone on to internationally luxury leaders where I have designed iconic bag silhouettes for Tumi and Louis Vuitton.

For Further Information please contact:
Kathleen Scully +33 (0)7 50 65 02 69.                   Follow us on social media: Instagram: @sceaux_scully