Sara's Marketing

Sara's Marketing - student project

I'm a solopreneur artist and I'm hoping I can learn some things from this class that could help me sell more of my paintings and get more commissions. My mom asks my manager, but ultimately I'm responsible for all aspects of my business.

I believe branding and social media directly effect my marketing. Branding packages me and my product in a way that's appealing and social media, and SEO helps me get in front of people in the first place.

I believe design effects my marketing success, just because if people don't like how my art looks, they're not likely to buy it.

My target customer is your average person who's looking to add a little more beauty to their home or office.


I've posted pics of the pages I filled out in the printout. The above text are my answers to the text on the other pages.


I think what Masterclass is selling is the personalities, fame, and enthusiasm of the instructors and customers are buying the chance to experience that. Masterclass appeals to it's target customer by the way the instructors are presented onscreen. I think the target Masterclass customer is also into a bit of glitz and glamour.


Some notes I took while watching this class were:

"Learn to speak to my customers in their 'language'."

"Be specific about how my target audience's problem effects their lives and how my product solves it."

"The more specific, the more universal".

The motivating factors of buyers are emotional. I need to keep in mind what emotions will influence people to care about what I'm selling.

I made a note to read the recommended books on decision science.

3 categories 3 options

Take what my target audience cares about and connect it to my product.

I'm competing with apathy.

How can I infuse meaningful specifics into my marketing of my art?


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