Sarah's Hobby Box Workspace

Sarah's Hobby Box Workspace - student project

I rushed through this class relatively quickly because I enjoyed it so much. Can't believe I'm actually sharing ALL of the reference photos I took because the one of myself is very embarrassing and my workspace is a mess but here they are. (Small and black and white... hah, but you get the picture.)

I think my biggest takeaway when working through the exercises was that in order for me to feel comfortable in using bold confident contour lines I need to use a thicker pen. While drawing digitally I switched to sketching with something closer to a marker thickness and that really helped me steer clear of my usual small sketchy lines. I'd like to try using something closer to a sharpie when drawing on paper to replicate the bold and confident style of drawing. 

The more comfortable I got with the process, the rougher my initial drawings became. I realized I was quickly rushing through the observational parts of the exercises just to get a feeling for the shapes, knowing that my next passes would be the ones that mattered. 

After composing my first sketch with everything combined I wasn't happy with the amount of negative space on top of my cabinet so I ended flipping the composition and cropping a lot of the sides out. Looking back I could have stretched the cabinet so it appeared taller and filled the space better, but I didn't want to exaggerate the size of my cabinet. It isn't super tall in real life.

Then once I had the composition flipped I ending up adding the framed artwork to balance out the remaining negative space. I also cheated and went back to my memory drawing of myself from an earlier round because I liked the shapes better.

In terms of color, I'm afraid I overdid the range of the palette a bit. At first I wanted to keep it pretty limited but then got inspired to to work in some pastel rainbows. Everything in the background started competing with my character at that point so I had to place a light overlay over most of the distracting background elements to defocus them a bit. 

Despite my unsureness with my coloring on it, I am happy with the end result. Here it is mocked up in a frame.

Any advice or feedback to get better is always appreciated! Thanks for another great class Tom.