Sample Project

Sample Project - student project

Step 1: Tracing Exercise

Here are the results of using the technique from the class. The lines don't match up exactly in many areas but that's okay. It can be quite difficult to be very precise with this technique—in fact, if precision is very important, I might opt for the normal method of using the pen tool.

Part 2: Illustration

Here is the initial sketch that I came up with. Knowing which techniques I wanted to practice, I made sure to create an illustration that would utilize all three. And, because I was hungry, pizza made a lot of sense ;)

Here is the illustration once I have created all of the shapes. The techniques I used are as follows:

  1. On the circular pizza I used the live shape feature that allows me to carve out specific wedges.
  2. The edges of the slices and corners of the square and triangle pizza all were rounded out using the live corner widgets.
  3. The pink blobs that are found between the pizza and the slice were made using the final technique we went over—using the pen tool alongside live corners.

I did some adjustments to get a colour scheme that I liked.

Finally, I added some texture using techniques from my Playing with Texture class.

Illustrator & Designer