Sample Project

Sample Project - student project

1 - Shapes

This is the template of shapes I used:

These are the animals I ended up drawing:

2 - Slogans

I chose the word "water" for my slogan project.

3 - Stories

I chose a nearby book for my story project and came up with the following scenarios:

  • My book is happy when he gets to hang out at the coffee shop with his friends
  • He's upset when he's left forgotten and dusty in the attic corner
  • Scenario 1 - He is at the top of a pile of books and afraid of losing balance and toppling over
  • Scenario 2 - He is laying flat in a comfy napping position
  • Scenario 3 - He is ticklish when he's being written in with a pen

4 - Sounds

I doodled to a TED talk called "What Our Language Habits Reveal" by Steven Pinker. I made the phrase "Language Habits" the centerpiece of my doodle and built off of it with patterns and shapes.

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