Sample Project

Sample Project - student project

Hello Everyone!
Below are some of the class exercises and final project template examples that you can choose to upload into the Projects tab:

E X E R C I S E #1 Secondary Color Mixing Range


E X E R C I S E #2 Mixing Darks Neutrals


E X E R C I S E #3 Tints, Tones Shades

Feel free to paint any shape/pattern you like!


E X E R C I S E #4 Color Matching

Swatch colors through:

  • paint chips
  • live references
  • photographs


E X E R C I S E #5 Playful Experiments

This can be a small painting of any subject matter(s) that interests you!

Color Recipe Book Page Examples 

Remember, how you create your pages is up to YOU! So long as it visually makes sense and is pleasing to YOUR eyes ;)

If you would like to share your project on Instagram, use the hashtag #aimaskillshare and/or tag @daintyrebel.
Excited to see what you guys come up with!!

Happy painting!
—xx Aima

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