Sample Project - Watercolor Ice Cream

Sample Project - Watercolor Ice Cream - student project

Hello friends! 

It's November, but feels like summer in Dallas, with 92 degrees! I say it's perfect weather for ice cream, but I'd still say that no matter how cold it's outside;).

Here is a sample project that I created off of the ice cream sketches.

If you follow along and cut up your page into 4 pieces, it is almost the perfect size for a postcard. So you could sketch your popsicle and on the back, add a fun message to your friend and mail it!

Your sketch becomes instant postcard! 

Sample Project - Watercolor Ice Cream - image 1 - student project

Easy peasy!


Happy Sketching & I can't wait to see your beautiful art! <3 

Volta Voloshin-Smith

Watercolor Illustrator and Artist