Sample Project: Provence France Lavender Field

Sample Project: Provence France Lavender Field - student project

For my project, I decided to take a virtual vacation to the lavender fields in Provence, France. To set the scene, I put on a French music playlist, lit a lavender scented candle, and placed a faux lavender plant near my paints. Just a few simple changes made the experience feel special. :)

I started my project by masking off my shape and sketching my zones. Background = sky, Middleground = mountains and grassy field, Foreground = lavender field.

I then started putting my first wash layers down - starting with the sky. I used the wet-on-wet method to create variances in the colors and to show the sunbursts. I followed that by putting washes down for the mountains, field, and lavender. 

Then, I started adding more layers to the fields - painting trees, grass, and lavender stems.

I finished my painting by adding detail with gouache.

The last step was removing the artist's tape and signing my name. Voila!! It's finished. :) 

The hardest part for me was getting the sunburst effect. I needed it to be wet so it wasn't a start line in the sky, but not too wet so the lines would just bleed and disappear. I'm pleased with how it turned out, but it was tricky.

My favorite part of the process was adding the pinks and purples to the lavender field. I loved not having too much of a plan and just scattering the flowers randomly. Jumping from color to color was also really satisfying. 

All in all, it was a really fun "trip" to France. :) 


Watercolor Artist & Designer