Sample Project: My first name as a signature logo

Sample Project: My first name as a signature logo - student project

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Here's some more experimenting with different tools that I did when practicing the word "Minimum".

It's so important to press on with a pen, even when you don't succeed straight away. Some of my favourite pens I have now I didn't connect with the first few times I tried them out. Little things like changing the speed or opening up and being more gestural can change the results. Each pen has it's own personality that you need to tap into.

Would love to see how everyone else is getting on.

Below was my filming attempts at writing Minimim with the different tools. The top 3 are with the Zebra Fine Disposable Brushpen with the second one touched up with the Microns. The fourth is with the Kuretake Fudebiyori and the bottom being the Kuretake no.13 soft tip brushpen. 

I must point out that with the cameras hovering over me and concious of time, these aren't the prettiest of executions. 

Below we have the all important scamping stage. This was just one sheet of a few. I'm not always obsessive compulsive with these things. Sometimes I will have something in mind straight away, write it just once and then move on to the next stage. That said, I can't stress the importance of practicing filling sheets of paper with scamps, as often ideas are born during this process.

Below is a sketched version of the brushpen style logo. This was done to illustrate that you do not need skills with the brushpen to get the results. As mentioned in the video, I executed a dozen of this style logo before ever owning a brushpen and still to this day I like to sketch logos rather than use the brushpens. Different logotypes, different approaches. 

Of course in this case why would I illustrate it if the brushpen is going to get me the desired look (below). Quicker and a lot more fun, it also enables you to experiment a lot more as sketching takes more time. 

Below is the finished result when using the Microns to bring it all together. In this case it was unnecessary "overcrafting" to take it this far, as the brushpen results were very close to being where I wanted it. I only do this phase when I feel like I need to make changes or refinements in order to perfect a sketch or brushpen attempt. It's also something I do when when I have the time to indulge in pushing my logotypes. 


Below is some vectoring screenshots so you can study my anchor point and node placement. Rmember, this is te stage that can make and break a typography piece, no matter how perfect your drawing is. Good vectoring requires dicipline and an eagle eye. it's the small shifts of those anchor points that'll get you the silky sexy smooth results you're after.



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