Sample Project: I want to be a Calligrapher!

Sample Project: I want to be a Calligrapher! - student project

Sample Project:

Hello Everyone! 

My name is Ciarra. I have been learning Calligraphy for about a year. I would love to use calligraphy to make some extra income for my family, but I am afraid to share my calligraphy because I know it's not as good as the awesome people I follow online. I think I should start a separate Instagram account, but it's scary. What if no-one follows it? What if people leave rude comments? But I am looking forward to taking this class, and hopefully I can work up some courage. 

Here is my homework: 

My Self-Made 

Creative Statement:

I want to: I want to be a Calligrapher!

I will not let fear of ______Failure_______________________________ hold me back from: learning calligraphy, and sharing my work.

If I become paralyzed by fear I will remember : that my value is not measured by other people's opinions. 

When I am afraid or overwhelmed, I will turn to: My Husband

If I am not sure what to do next, or how to solve a problem in my specific creative pursuit, I will turn to: Joi Hunt, and Jessi Reeseman. 

To start on the path today, I will: Start a separate Instagram account and post one picture. 

Note: This is a Sample Project

Fine Art Calligrapher & Designer