Sample Project: Ceramic Speakers

Sample Project: Ceramic Speakers - student project

I'm sharing a few screenshots from a landing page of my own to help inspire your projects.

Feel free to explore the live page: Keep in mind that this is a much more robust page than if you were announcing a product for the first time.

The design philosophy behind my site is precisely what I communicate in the class lessons. Remember that your goal is to elegantly state your facts. Aim to communicate your confidence in the design's ability to stand on its own. You don't need a lot to do that. You need just enough.


The top of the site lets the hero image speak for itself. I include 3 brief quotes from WiredUncrate, and Financial Times. A simple "Add to Cart" button in blue gives viewers a call to action.

Scrolling down, I allow viewers to take a closer look at the individual components. There is also a secondary-level call to action: purchasing components standalone. Here, I include line drawings and pleasing images, but notice how everything is a bit smaller than before.

I include additional images (not all pasted here), then more reviews. I also link to each full review beneath each blurb. This serves two purposes: it aids viewers with research and establishes product credibility.

My second-to-last section is all about details. This is very important for viewers, but it has the least drama, so I push it to the bottom. To keep things interesting, I also include two videos.

Finally, I include a brief FAQ.

Finally, I include 3 ways to keep in touch: my mailing list, social media, and an email address. It's always a good idea to seize opportunities to nurture and grow your relationships with those interested in your creative work.

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