SHEESO - Handmade Macrame Products

SHEESO - Handmade Macrame Products - student project

Sheeso is a creative partnership between Agnes Barta and Amer Attila.

 Agnes has been working on her craft for 4 years, and has gained the experience and defined the direction for her brand in order to launch her product range. She creates all her products by hand using high quality materials sourced mainly from the EU. Her latest products are sold in local markets, shops, and online.

Amer Attila Ayad has 9 years experience as a graphic designer, digital art director, and illustrator, with previous positions in large agencies in the Middle East and in Hungary. He is also the art director and photographer of Sheeso.

Our home studio is in Amsterdam. 

Amsterdam is the perfect environment for a freelance company with a high percentage of the GDP coming from freelancers. We hope to add to this number and contribute to the creative industry by using our skills and experience. We are also hoping to work with and support fellow creative freelancers by volunteering, taking part in markets and events, as well as working with small businesses.


Product Line

- Macrame sandals and accessories

- Macrame home decor

- Unique art pieces made by using macrame and found objects


Check out more products in our Bigcartel store:

Amer Attila

Senior Visual Designer in Amsterdam