SAMPLE PROJECT - student project

This is my sample project helping you with the project steps along the way...

Step 1

Post a picture or tell us about your favorite color and the reason why...

I love most kinds of blues and aqua - these colors always make me feel relaxed and comfortable. 

Step 2

Places and clothes

Post a photo or two of your favorite places and if you are brave share a photo of us trying out a more daring wardrobe! How did it make you feel?

I love being by the sea and the Maldives is one of my favorite places on earth - surrounded by the sea!

Step 3

Take a piece of existing artwork or design of your own (or use the template) and using all the techniques try 4 different color palettes...

For this pattern I tried - top left, an analogous color way using tints and tones and a neatral grey. Top right I used this based on a triad color way with some neatrals (I'm not sure about this one!!). Bottom left I got some inspiration from to help with this one... and bottom right I used a color palette similar to one I'd seen in a shop whilst out looking for inspiration. I like this one. 

What worked for you? did you find new ways to find color inspiration?

Faye Brown Designs

Top Teacher