SAMPLE PROJECT - student project


Here's my sample project for my Faye Brown designs logo. Please post up whatever you feel comfortable with - ask for feedback, ask questions! let's skill share :)

Step 1 - Consider the usage (share what your business is about)

This logo needed to work across a range of my products and services from surface pattern, greeting cards to my online brand and teaching.

Step 2 - Get inspired!

My aesthetic style leans more to bright bold simple designs. Post up some mood boards of styles you find yourself drawn to.

Doodles - here's some of my initial sketches and ideas for the Faye Brown logo. Feel free to scan them in or simply take a photograph.

Step 3 - Typography

Please share with us your ideas for typefaces or maybe even ask if we can recommend one with a certain feel. My logotype typeface is called Semilla - for most of my promotional materials and text I use century gothic.

Step 4 - The symbol

Post up your ideas and initial designs… maybe screen shots from illustrator or some of your doodles developed. Discuss your thought process and anything you found difficult. 

Here's some of my initial doodles developed in illustrator

Step 5 - Scalability

Remember don't go looking for problems but sometimes we might need different versions for different sizes. Feel free to post up your thoughts and ideas and questions here.

Step 6 - Color palette

Share your ideas for your brand color palette. Feel free to take photos if that helps more. 

Step 7 - Finalising your logo

We all want to see your final (or nearly final logos). Share your logos and if you are looking for feedback please ask for it.

Developing your visual identity

This is a process that will take time. Please do post up anything you do create. In the meantime look at a favorite brand and make notes on how they successfully make everything look like one brand, one family. Please share your findings...

Why use the project gallery?

I try to feedback on every project posted... so ask for advice and feedback. Ask your fellow students - maybe someone could recommend a perfect typeface for you. I really want to see your progression and final logos...

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