Ria Sharon

Ria Sharon - student project

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Exercise 3

Exercise 4

Exercise 5


As I look back on my collection objectively, even though these are all relatively quick sketches and are of varying subjects, I can see a similar stroke style across all of them. I like the looseness of the marks. I see that both in the pencil and brush strokes, especially in the background of the third exercise. I also see a similar use of color to add dimension -- using complementary colors to bring out a richer shadow. And also the use of texture to add depth to the composition.

I want to lean into the linework more and continue to build confidence there. And I want to lean into my fear... because I clearly remember feeling wobbly and scared for each one, especially because I knew I was going to record and share the results. BUT in the end, I was pretty happy with each of them, especially with the process. 

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