Revue Tapas bar

Revue Tapas bar - student project

I started working a visual identity for a new tapas and drinks bar. I have the opportunity to do everything from the menu to the signage , drink holders, ... 

I started working on the idea of a 'monogram', the R and V combined (from Revue), it's the first time i'm doing custom type so it was a lot of looking around.

These are some of the sketches

I worked on some 'script' more autograph kind of marks, but that did not feel that right, i also worked on more 'stencil' like marks, finaly i ended up wit a serif combination that felt right to me. 

These are some other logo propositions for the client. 

And some variations on the logo the client liked most (me also )

And some mockups and a first idea for the business cards

The cThe client also really wanted a encompassing shape, they liked a certain bagde like shape so i'm still experimenting with this , the cards will be in that shape and i also am looking for the logo in this style

Now i will be looking for more of design system, fonts, imagery, menu and webdesigns. Thanks for the great class, it's really inspiring !