Respectful Bananas

Respectful Bananas - student project

My Name: Ashton Snapp

Description of my business or product: My current plans are to create a business which develops games and self-publishes them on both major and minor video game storefronts. The entire business model will be built around profits being the short-term and trust being the long-term, and the long-term being the factor that makes the short-term sustainable. As such, customers should feel respected when interacting with the business or its products.

Name ideas (plus explanation if I feel it's relevant): I think I'm going to go with "Respectful Bananas", which is a pair of an evocative word (Respectful) and an arbitrary word that I like saying a lot (Bananas). It's a bit silly, but I'm a silly person and as I just started watching your Brand Personality class, it's best to not subvert that.

Any questions or thoughts I would like to share? n a h

CS student looking to start a game business