Relaxing watercolour projects

Relaxing watercolour projects - student project

This is such a wonderful class with lovely little projects to enjoy over and over again! It’s very calming to watch Sharone paint in real time and to paint along with her and learn many things as you go. As a beginner I find it very valuable to be able to learn and practice new watercolor techniques without it being to challenging or overwhelming, that’s my favourite thing about this class. I’ve been enjoying some of the exercises for 3 evenings in a row now and discovered some really nice things along the way!

I discovered that I truly enjoy the kiss technique, I just kept going and going and completely lost track of time! I also really enjoy the polaroid that came out using the wet in wet technique as it was so relaxing to create and calming to look at once it was finished.

It’s also very interesting to learn how working with a particular color makes me feel. The colors I really enjoyed working with in the projects were greens, blues and earthy tones: Daniel Smith Cascade Green, Daniel Smith Perylene Green, Daniel Smith Amazonite Genuine, Winsor & Newton Perm. Sap Green mixed with Lemon Yellow, Winsor & Newton Raw Umber, Mission Gold Van Dijck Brown.

I’m looking forward to finish my pieces and to do the other exercises. Thank you so much Sharone for this wonderful class, it is so relaxing and so much fun!


Relaxing watercolour projects - image 1 - student project